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A2 200 Hex HD Series Cable Gland

A2 200 Hex HD Series Cable GlandsA2 200 CMP type indoor and outdoor non-metallic Hex Head cable gland for use with all types of Unarmoured cables, providing an environmental seal on the cable outer sheath. The A2 200 Hex Head cable glands are available in various colours and are supplied complete with a locknut. Standard thread forms are metric to EN 60423.

A2 200 Hex HD Series Cable Gland, Standard versions are produced in Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) polymeric materials with UL 94 V2 rating.

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Alternative versions are available in Red coloured Flame Retardant, Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) and Halogen Free polymeric material with UL 94 V0 rating.

Cable Gland Selection Table

Substitute X for the colour: Black = BLK, White = W, Light Grey = LG, Mid Grey = MG. Locknut (included with the cable gland)

Locknut is included with the cable gland.

Colours: Black, Bright Red to Ral 3020, Light Grey to Ral 7035 and Mid Grey to Ral 7001.

Standard Cable Gland Flammability = UL 94 V2.

Alternative Flammability = UL 94 V0 (Red Only).

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